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Data Visualisation: Enhanced Marketing Capabilities

Data and data science are indeed used to grow other areas. Still, with the overwhelming amount of data, it can be difficult for companies to find the limited data that is actually beneficial for making significant decisions. Data visualisation, therefore, becomes essential.

Every day, massive corporations like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others are leveraging data to gain customers and make money. There is no doubt that data is being generated and processed in large volumes. With that said, the competition is advancing rapidly. Marketing, like other sectors, relies on data and data science to evolve and grow. However, due to the sheer size and amount of data, it can be difficult for companies to find the limited data that is crucial for making significant decisions. We recognise the significance of data visualisation here.

Data-Driven Storytelling

Data visualisation is the process of converting raw data into something easier to comprehend. The raw data collected from the world and its business processes are usually unprocessed and voluminous, making it difficult to find valuable insights. Data visualisation is the technique of converting that data into something that is easier to understand and (often more importantly) - easier to present and tell a story.

It would be difficult for any person to discover patterns or group the data in a basic excel sheet containing a large amount of data. However, charts, graphs, plots, maps, and other visual elements can be used to discover information by utilising some basic data visualisation strategies.

When you import data into Tableau or Google data studio, data is converted into graphs or charts, making it simple to study or analyse.

Here are 83DATA's justifications for why data visualisation is vital for marketing analytics.

  • Tools like Tableau, QlikView and Google data studio display the data in ways that assist organisations in making better and faster decisions.

  • Data visualisation techniques can help develop corporate goals and manage KPIs more effectively by making a story out of raw facts.

  • Skilled data scientists can incorporate data from many sources allowing businesses to concentrate on the right data.

  • Data may be visualised to reveal critical business information, which may otherwise be hidden from the human eye - allowing for better, faster, more accurate data-driven decision-making.

  • Decision-makers may quickly carry out data analysis using a variety of visuals to improve marketing tactics and strategies.

It's essential for us to comprehend the data we collect through digital marketing by displaying it in a clear and concise visualisation. At its most basic level it is about making large amounts of complex data comprehensible.

Before you can visualise data, you must understand how the data is structured, as well as the dimensions and metrics required to do so. Many organisations see the value in employing specialist data scientists or data visualisation experts when starting out on their data journey.

Talk to us about how 83DATA is placing the people behind the data across consultancies, SaaS vendors, system integrators and end users. Helping organisations maximise their data capabilities.

Data Visualization in Marketing: Best Practices

Data visualisation best practices may help you understand a little more about what a successful data visualisation strategy might entail:

Studying Patterns

We may analyse numerous patterns and trends using visuals and reports such as sales analysis, market research analysis, customer analysis, defect analysis, cost analysis, and forecasts. These evaluations provide a foundation for marketing and sales and can help with defining future budget allocations.

Focused Purpose

An organisation's primary mission is often focused on boosting sales and productivity. Visual information plates play a critical role in this. Visual information that is well-timed and organised allows decision-makers to make rapid decisions. Ensure each of your visualisations has a purpose and supports the organisational goals.

Be creative

Using different graphs, colours, patterns, and interactive visualisation to creatively portray data and analysis in order to help your audience comprehend the information.

Actionable Insights

Data visualisation can help turn complex spreadsheets into consumable information. Data can be broken down into simpler forms with data visualisation to help audiences better understand the data. Audiences want relevant information to solve their problems look to develop actionable insights, not just a lot of data with no meaningful activities.

Improved reports

Data visualisations are most obviously used for reporting. The outcomes shown in different graphs and pictures are effectively presented and conveyed. Visualisation approaches are more effective at engaging audiences than traditional approaches.

Effective communication

Effective reports and graphics help to communicate in marketing by enhancing confidence and motivation but don't invest an unrealistic amount of time in creating these. Employees, clients, and upper management benefit from their positive influence and should save time. Hiring a data specialist to help streamline and automate your data visualisation and reporting could be a good investment. Talk to 83DATA about how we can help with contract and permanent data specialists.

The best data visualisation tools for marketing

Data visualisation tools are available for businesses to obtain strong marketing and sales data. Here are some of the platforms we have placed data specialists inside of companies to help utilise:


Tableau is a user-friendly data visualisation tool that is simple to understand and use. It is the most popular data visualisation tool. Tableau converts raw data into an understandable format for rapid data analysis.

Google Charts

Another excellent choice for creating charts based on data is Google Charts. Google Charts offers a wide variety of tools for creating visually engaging graphics and animated sequences.


QlikView is a terrific data visualisation tool with lots of options. QlikView's technology may provide customised data, resulting in more effective graphics. QlikView gives you a variety of visualisation and analytics capabilities as well as reporting tools for your enterprise.


With Sisense, you can create visualisations for a variety of organisations. This unique platform is user-friendly, efficient, and creative, with complete visual customisation. Having data from various sources consolidated into one location is essential for creating interesting and effective visualisations.


Infogram is yet another excellent visualisation tool that employs customisable themes. Infogram's greatest attribute is that it may combine real-time information with graphs, guaranteeing that the data is always current.

In Summary...

Unless an organisation can review and utilise all of the data available, it is worthless. A corporation must examine and comprehend a huge quantity of data to improve digital marketing effectiveness. It's critical for marketers to utilise data visualisation in order to turn complex data into meaningful insights. The most effective way to do this is by employing the best data specialists. 83DATA place the people behind the data. Talk to us today

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